Carpenters Retirement Plan

Contiguous Noncovered Service 

You may experience changes in your career including work in noncovered service for a contributing employer. An example of noncovered service is working in a management position for a contributing employer. For the purpose of vesting, earning credit toward rule of 80 early retirement, avoiding a break in service, or maintaining activity in this plan for the purpose of qualifying for certain special benefits, you earn one year of credited future service for each year you work 1,000 or more hours in contiguous noncovered service for an employer who is otherwise required to make contributions to this plan. Noncovered service is contiguous if all of the following three conditions are met:

  • The noncovered service immediately precedes or follows covered service with the same employer;
  • No quit, discharge or retirement occurs between such covered service and noncovered service; and
  • You provide proof of contiguous noncovered service as required by the plan.

No hourly contributions are made to this plan on your behalf for contiguous noncovered service. You do not accrue benefits with contiguous noncovered service.

  • For additional information about contiguous noncovered service, please see Article 1.8.3.

Last Updated: 01/09/2018