Carpenters Retirement Plan


To be eligible for disability retirement you must be:

  • Under age 65;
  • Meet the definition of retired;
  • Vested under the ten-year vesting rule (please see Ten-Year Vesting);
  • Satisfy the activity test (at least 750 hours of service in this plan or in combination with a reciprocal plan during the three calendar years immediately preceding the date of your disability);
  • Totally and permanently disabled by bodily injury or disease as defined by this plan (please see the definition of totally and permanently disabled). Your disability cannot be the result of an intentional self-inflicted injury or the habitual use of drugs or alcohol; and
  • Your injury or disease must render you incapable of performing any and every duty pertinent to your occupation as a carpenter. After receiving benefits for 24 months, you must be incapable of working in any gainful occupation for which you are fitted by training, experience and abilities in order to continue receiving disability benefits. Periodic proof of continued disability is also required.

With disability retirement, your retirement date is the later of (1) the first of the month following a six-month waiting period, or (2) the first of the month following receipt of your Application For Retirement Benefits and Carpenters Retirement Plan Explanation of Payment Options and Election of Retirement Benefits. You do not receive payment before the first day of the seventh month of disability. The six-month delay is known as the "disability waiting period" and may be waived by the Board of Trustees under certain circumstances. Your application must be accompanied by the Disability Retirement Questionnaire.

  • For additional information about disability retirement eligibility, please see Article 4.3 and Article 7.

Last Updated: 01/09/2018