Carpenters Retirement Plan

Qualified Spouse's Benefit 


If your spouse does not qualify for the primary spouse's benefit, he or she may be eligible for the qualified spouse's benefit. For your spouse to receive this benefit, you must satisfy the three– or five–year vesting rule and be eligible for early or normal retirement but not retired at the time of your death.


With this benefit, your surviving spouse receives the survivor's portion of a 50% joint and survivor benefit. This monthly income is payable to your spouse for his or her lifetime. If you die when you are age 55 or older, the qualified spouse's benefit begins in the month following your death. If you die before age 55, the benefit begins in the month you would have attained age 55 had you lived. The benefit is calculated as if you had survived until age 55 (please see Tables 3-6).

  • For additional information on the qualified spouse's benefit, please see Article 8.3.

Last Updated: 01/09/2018