Carpenters Retirement Plan

Primary Spouse's Benefit 


For your spouse or minor dependent children to receive this benefit, you must, at the time of your death, satisfy the five-year vesting rules and have at least 750 hours of service in this plan or in combination with a reciprocal plan during the three calendar years immediately preceding your death.

If you were age 55 or older but did not satisfy the activity test, your spouse may qualify for the primary spouse's benefit.


With this benefit, your spouse or minor dependent children receive a monthly income equal to your total monthly benefit at the time of your death. This benefit is paid to a spouse under age 62 until he or she attains age 62, remarries or dies, whichever occurs first. When your surviving spouse reaches age 62 or remarries, he or she may be eligible for the qualified spouse's benefit. If there is no surviving spouse or, if your spouse dies while receiving this benefit, the monthly income is paid to your minor dependent children until the youngest dependent child reaches age 18 (age 21 if a full-time student as determined by this plan), with the benefit divided equally among the minor dependent children.

  • For additional information on the primary spouse's benefit, please see Article 8.2.

Last Updated: 01/09/2018