Carpenters Retirement Plan

Leave of Absence 

You may avoid a break in service if you were unable to work in the building and construction industry for one of the following four reasons and for a period of time not to exceed the maximum described:

  • Military service for such period as required by law. You may receive credited service and benefits for qualifying military service.
  • Service as an official of the international union for up to three years. You do not receive credited service or benefits for service with the international union.
  • Disabling condition that prevents gainful employment in any trade for up to two years, subject to further consideration after that time if the disabling condition continues. To qualify, you must submit satisfactory proof of your disability to the Board of Trustees. You do not receive credited service or benefits for a disability leave.
  • Maternity or paternity leave. You may receive up to a maximum of 501 hours of credited service in the year of the leave, if needed to prevent a break, or else in the following year contingent on returning to work after the leave. You do not receive benefits for a maternity or paternity leave.

If you need to apply for a leave of absence, please contact Retirement Services at Carpenters Trusts. Retirement Services will forward your request to the Board of Trustees and then notify you of the Trustees' determination.

  • For additional information about a military leave, please see Article 15.7. For additional information about other leaves of absence, please see Article 3.6.

Last Updated: 01/09/2018