Carpenters Health and Security Plan

Participant Advocate

The health care system is complex. Medical benefits can be confusing. Our Participant Advocate can help you line up the care you need AND get the most value from benefits you are entitled to under the Plan.

Anita Wells is your Participant Advocate, and she is ready to provide assistance in three general areas:

  1. Find a family doctor, specialist, clinic, urgent care center, hospital, or any other kind of provider near your home or work. She will try to find a network provider which will save money with every visit.
  2. Preauthorize medical services recommended by your doctor. Some medical services require authorization under the terms of the Plan. For example, a doctor might recommend a wheelchair or other specialized equipment for home use.
  3. Provide information and referrals for programs offered by the Plan. For example, if you have been diagnosed with a long-term illness such as asthma, diabetes, heart failure, heart disease, or COPD, there is a no-cost program offering telephone coaching and support. A similar program is available for plan members with persistent back pain.


Participants and dependents alike are encouraged to contact Anita for assistance with specific healthcare issues.

Anita Wells, RN
Participant Advocate
(206) 260-2204
Monday – Friday
During regular business hours