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Using Benefits During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Office is Currently Closed to Visitors, but Services Unaffected
In response to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's order to "Stay Home, Stay Healthy," our Seattle office is currently closed to visitors until further notice. However, our staff is still working to maintain operations and respond to the needs of participants and retirees. Customer service is still available by phone during normal business hours: 800-552-0635 (M-F, 8-5 PST). Eligibility, claims, account balances, and other benefit information can be accessed from our secure website: www.ctww.org/member. Click for information about Member Portal.

Testing For COVID-19 Covered Without Cost-Sharing
The Board of Trustees amended the Carpenters Health and Security Plan to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for coronavirus (COVID-19) testing. If a physician recommends testing for you or a dependent, the Plan will cover the test and the office visit or telehealth consultation associated with the test at 100%. There is no deductible, copayment or coinsurance for these services. For complete information, download the Summary of Material Modifications.

Telehealth Benefit Temporarily Expanded
The Carpenters Health and Security Plan was amended by the Board of Trustees to expand the providers and services covered under Plan's telehealth benefit. With this temporary benefit change, telehealth consultations will now include behavioral health providers for patients seeking behavioral health counseling. It will also include "check-ins” with a patient's physician if the patient has a medical condition that requires monitoring or treatment. For details, download the Summary of Material Modifications.

Refilling a Prescription for a Maintenance Drug
With approval from the Board of Trustees, the Carpenters Health and Security Plan will temporarily lessen restrictions on the refilling of maintenance prescription drugs. If you experience any problem with a "refill-too-soon” denial, please contact the Claims Department at Carpenters Trusts for assistance: (800) 552-0635.

Returning to Work After a Viral Infection
If your employer requires a medical release from a physician before returning to work, do not go to the ER. The hospital emergency department should be reserved for serious or life-threatening symptoms. The most appropriate provider for a medical release is a primary care physician. Read Choosing the Right Provider to learn about appropriate levels of care.

Time-Loss Benefit Can Provide Partial Income Replacement
If you are unable to work because of a non-work related illness or injury, you could be eligible for partial income replacement from the Time Loss Benefit under the Carpenters Health and Security Plan. This benefit is only for participants with Dollar Bank Eligibility. Weekly benefits continue for a maximum of 26 weeks, subject to the terms of the Plan. Click to learn more about the Time Loss Benefit.

Benefit Considerations During a Pandemic
Whether it is being unemployed, battling a serious illness, providing care for loved ones, or being suddenly confronted with end-of-life issues, the COVID-19 pandemic can have far-reaching implications to your financial security. Visit the Life Events area of our website for suggestions that can help guide preparation and decision-making during troubling times.

Seek the Most Reliable Health Information
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Washington State Department of Health
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
Wyoming Department of Health