How often am I able to withdraw my vacation funds?

Once you become a Qualstar member, your Vacation Fund balance is available whenever you need it. To become a member, simply return your Membership Card so an account can be opened in your name. When vacation funds are sent to Qualstar, they are deposited directly into your account and you can access them in a variety of ways -- including Check Card purchases, ATM withdrawals, branch withdrawals, Home Banking and Mobile Banking. Or, call to request a check and have it mailed directly to your home.

How do I withdraw my vacation funds?

Qualstar offers several ways to withdraw your funds:
  • Visit a branch location to make a withdrawal in person.
  • Call or use Home Banking to request a check. Your check can be mailed directly to your home.
  • Use your Check Card to make a purchase wherever Visa is accepted.
  • Use your Check Card to make an ATM withdrawal.
  • Order personal checks to access funds in your account.

Are there any fees associated with the Qualstar account?

Yes – and there are several ways you can avoid paying them. The easiest way is to sign up for eStatements. You can also avoid monthly service fees by maintaining an account balance of $250 at all times. Monthly service fees can also be avoided if your account meets one of the following conditions:

  1. You have an open loan with Qualstar Credit Union; or
  2. Your account was inactive in the prior month; or
  3. You are 60 years of age or older.

If your account does not meet the above criteria, a monthly service fee is charged.

Where are the Qualstar Credit Union branches located?

Qualstar Credit Union has six branch locations in the Puget Sound area – Everett, Seattle (SODO District), Redmond, Renton, Kent and Tacoma. Branch Information is provided in the new member packet provided to you when your Vacation Fund Account is opened.

How will I be notified of my Vacation Account balances?

Qualstar Credit Union will send a monthly statement showing the activity in your account. You can also use Qualstar’s Home Banking or Mobile Banking services to check your account balances at any time.

What other benefits will I get as a member of Qualstar Credit Union?

Once you return your completed membership card to Qualstar Credit Union, you will have 24-hour access to your Vacation Fund Account, as well as access to loans, insurance, and other account offerings from Qualstar, such as:

  • Auto Loans – new or used, purchase or refinance
  • Investment Accounts – IRAs, college costs, retirement planning, 401K rollovers and more
  • Home Loans – purchase, refinance, home equity
  • Credit Cards – low rates & fees, purchase protection, fraud protection
  • Insurance – life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment, auto & homeowner’s

What is the history of Qualstar Credit Union?

Qualstar's history began in 1952 when a group of employees working for the Seattle division of the Safeway grocery store chain founded the Safeway Seattle Employees' Federal Credit Union. The first office of the credit union was located on Mercer Street in Seattle. In 1997, the Safeway credit union merged with the Washington Trades Credit Union to form Qualstar Credit Union. Today, with six full-service branch locations, Qualstar serves more than more than 50,000 members from more than 300 companies and unions—including the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters.

What is the difference between a credit union and a bank?

Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit and are owned by their members. As a result, credit union members typically receive better rates on savings and loan products, and fewer fees. And since member funds are insured by the federal government through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), Qualstar Credit Union and other federal credit unions offer the peace of mind of working with an FDIC-insured bank. Learn more about federal protection of credit union accounts.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any questions about your Vacation Fund Account or any benefits of Qualstar membership, call 1-800-848-0018 or visit www.qualstarcu.com.