I worked part of career in another jurisdiction. Why don't these hours show on my benefit statement?

Hours worked in another reciprocal jurisdiction can be used to help a participant vest. However, each plan makes a separation benefit determination.

My retirement date is the first of the month. When will I receive my first check?

The first retirement check is mailed on the 25th of the month. Subsequent checks are mailed or direct deposited on the first of the month. For example, if a participant retired effective June 1, his or her first check would be mailed on June 25th. The July check would be mailed on July 1st.

I signed up for direct deposit but my check was mailed to me. Why?

Establishing direct deposit with a bank or savings and loan takes two months. The first month is a "trial run" to verify that all account information provided by the retiree and the bank was correct and that this information was processed correctly by the Trust. When the Trust receives confirmation that all banking information is correct, the direct deposit is made on the first of the following month. Direct deposits are always made on the first working day of the month.

How does the plan invest assets?

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