Healthy Wealthy Wise enhances online service for participants and dependents

A new website from Carpenters Trusts offers convenient access to personalized benefits information.

Available June 1, 2016, Healthy Wealthy Wise is an online service center for participants and dependents with fringe benefits from Carpenters Trusts of Western Washington. The website provides secure online access to personalized benefits information, including eligibility, work history, medical claims, out-of-pocket expenses, retirement accruals, and account balances.

In the past, limited benefits information was available online to participants only, through the use of a PIN. That method of access has been replaced with Healthy Wealthy Wise. Registration is required to use this new website, and access is controlled with a username and password selected by the individual.

Healthy Wealthy Wise (located at provides online service to working carpenters and retirees. Spouses and children age 13 and older may register to use the site, as well. Each family member must complete a separate registration with a personal email address. In other words, family members are not allowed to share an email address.

Healthy Wealthy Wise is a mobile-friendly website, which means the user experience will be good whether the site is accessed from a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Once registered, users can log on and see information previously unavailable to them online, such as eligibility and out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Another addition is medical claims. The new website shows medical claims paid from January 1, 2014 to present. Links to EOBs (explanations of benefits) are provided, allowing users to download, save or print EOBs when necessary. Information for older claims can still be obtained by calling Carpenters Trusts (800-552-0635).

To comply with federal privacy laws, Healthy Wealthy Wise allows users to control which family members can see their protected health information, also known as PHI. This includes spouses and children age 13 or older. The site requires an individual's permission to share medical claims, EOBs and expenses with family members.

Healthy Wealthy Wise allows participants to look up recorded hours, contributions, work history, eligibility and Dollar Bank balances. A calculator helps forecast future eligibility. Participants can also see retirement and pension information through the end of the previous calendar quarter.

For users wanting to reduce mailbox clutter and/or shrink their "carbon footprint," Healthy Wealthy Wise offers paperless delivery of benefits-related documents. Through a service called eCommunications (i.e., electronic communications), users have the option of accepting online delivery of plan booklets and summaries, quarterly statements, medical EOBs, required notices and newsletters.

The eCommunications service automatically delivers electronic versions of documents to the user's account and sends an alert message to the user. To read, print or download a document, the user simply logs in with a username and password and then navigates to the My Documents page.

Electronic documents are permanent additions to the user's account, which eliminates the risk of losing important papers. Since documents are always available online, the user can feel more confident stopping delivery by mail. The user can change his or her preference at any time.

Users are not required to accept this paperless option, but it is nonetheless encouraged by the Board of Trustees because of the cost-savings potential to the Carpenters Trusts organization. Considering the number of eligible individuals (9,000 participants and nearly 16,000 dependents), mail delivery is a costly way of distributing important information.

For participants and dependents unable to call Carpenters Trusts during business hours (or simply don't like talking on the phone), the Healthy Wealthy Wise Message Center offers secure electronic messaging. It allows users to ask questions and correspond with Carpenters Trusts by email.

A link to Healthy Wealthy Wise is located on the Carpenters Trusts home page. Questions about Healthy Wealthy Wise can be answered by contacting Carpenters Trusts (800-552-0635) or browsing the question-and-answer section of the website.