• Vesting

    This means you gain a permanent right to earned benefits. The balance in your individual account, comprised of employer contributions and earnings is subject to vesting. If you do not vest in the plan within THREE YEARS as determined by the chart shown below, your credits and accumulated balance will be forfeited.

  • Credited Service

    Hours Worked in Calendar Year Credited Service
    Less than 500 Covered Hours 0.00 Year
    500-749 Covered Hours 0.50 Year
    750-999 Covered Hours 0.75 Year
    1,000 or more Covered Hours 1.00 Year
  • Break in Service

    If you are not vested in any subaccount in this plan and work less than 500 covered hours in a calendar year, you incur a one-year break in service. If you have five consecutive one-year breaks in service, you incur a permanent break in service and all credited service and contributions from that credited service are forfeited and permanently lost. Even if you become vested in the employer contributions made on your behalf in this plan at a later date, previously forfeited service and contributions cannot be counted toward your retirement benefit.

    401(k) elective contributions, 401(a) supplemental contributions and rollovers into the plan are vested beginning with the initial contribution and are not subject to forfeiture.

  • Avoiding a Permanent Break In Service

    You can avoid a permanent break in service and forfeiture if you work at least 500 hours in any plan year before you have five consecutive one-year breaks in service.

    Reciprocity, an approved leave of absence (military, disability, maternity leave), and contiguous noncovered service are other ways you can avoid a permanent break in service.