I've been working for three months. When will I be eligible and when will I get my ID Card and plan booklets?

You need $2,550 ($2,250 for Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming) or more in your dollar bank account within a three-month period for initial eligibility. At least $1.00 of contributions must be earned in the first month of the three-month period. You are then eligible for a three-month period on the first of the fifth month. The fourth month is known as the "lag" month and is the time required by your employer to send hours to the Trust. The Trust will mail an enrollment package sometime during the first two weeks of your covered eligibility.

How do I enroll my spouse and children?

They should be added to the Enrollment Application completed by the participant. If the participant is already enrolled, use the New Dependent Enrollment Form.

Why do you need to know if my spouse has other health insurance?

The Carpenters Health and Security Plan is required to coordinate the payment of benefits with other health plans. Information about other health coverage from your spouse or other family members expedites this process.

Why does the Trust need my divorce decree?

A divorce decree is necessary when establishing eligibility under the health and security plan and for determining beneficiaries under the life insurance benefit and the two pension plans.